We’ve had enough

Of worsening news and harrowing deaths. Of accepting the bare minimum and tolerating lacking leadership. Of temperatures rising, cost-of-living skyrocketing and the commitment of those we elected plummeting.

We've had enough of the companies who poison our earth. We've had enough of depending on food banks, facing eye watering bills and choosing between heating and eating. We've had enough of malnutrition robbing the potential of children, generation after generation.

We are done with funding the same problems year after year because the underlying causes never get resolved. We are done with broken systems, broken promises, and broken lives.

We are a coalition of everyone fighting the global food crisis. We are boiling with rage that this man-made catastrophe was allowed to unfold.

For the 50 million on the brink of starvation in 45 countries.
For the 828 million unsure where their next meal is coming from.
For the malnourished generations robbed of their potential.
For the communities suffering on the frontline of the climate emergency.

We are energised, ready, hungry

Hungry for powerful, effective, moral leadership.
Hungry to save lives in the next 30 days.
Hungry to fight the root causes so we may never need to again.

We are Hungry For Action
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A campaign fighting to end the global food crisis – now and forever.