In order to secure a more sustainable, climate resilient and affordable food system, Hungry for Action is making the following calls to political leaders and multinational donors.

Save lives now

  • Provide the $33 billion needed now to respond to the crisis and prevent 882,000 people dying from hunger in the next 6 months.
  • Scale up cash assistance, including food and essential lifesaving services to reach millions of households in the most affected countries across the world.

Build resilience and secure the future now

  • Overhaul the current model of food and farming that has deepened inequality, reduced resilience to shocks, and entrenched environmentally damaging practices.
  • Double funding for climate adaptation.
  • Invest in small-scale food producers.
  • Improve nutrition through health, food, WASH and social protection systems.
  • Cancel poor countries’ debts.
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